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Achieving financial freedom shouldn’t be overwhelming

At Wealth Design Group, our team of experienced professionals, led by financial advisors Gary Pevey in Sacramento and Sharda Ryan in Salinas, California, are dedicated to collaborating with individuals, families, and businesses to develop thoughtful, comprehensive financial solutions that address their specific financial goals and needs.

Although it might seem like a financial sacrifice in the present day to contribute part of your income to long-term savings, your post-professional self will thank you for generating a vital stream of income that will alleviate any concerns you may have about running out of funds during retirement. Our team at Wealth Design Group believes that the earlier you start saving for retirement, the better – and we are well-equipped to help you develop and maintain a plan that keeps you comfortable for the full length of your retirement.

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Personal Wealth Strategies

Maximixing Your Wealth Potential

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Business Planning

Helping Your Business Survive the Change

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Executive Benefits

Providing for Those at the Top

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Lifetime Income Planning

Ensuring that the Golden Years are Truly Golden

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Legacy / Estate Planning

Passing Your Wealth Downstream

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Investment Advisory

Customized asset management for your goals

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