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May 2020: How to Protect and Grow Your Money

May 12, 2020

Come on (Face it)…It’s time to Rethink your Financial “plan”

So, your 401k account value is down. You are not sure if you should be making extra payments on your mortgage. You just can’t seem to get rid of the credit card debt. You have those student loans hanging over your head which look like they will be there forever.

What do you do?

Getting your financial act together and creating real wealth is not about chasing high rates of return in your 401(k), etc. It is about controlling your “Wealth Transfers”, those monies that are slipping through your wallet unknowingly and unnecessarily.

They are keeping you from building the financial freedom you desire. Wealth Transfers occur by:

  • How you pay your mortgage,
  • How you accumulate money to pay for your kids’ college,
  • How you pay for major purchases,
  • How and where you invest your money,
  • How you use loans and credit cards.
  • And, Taxes!

While you are focusing on how your investments are doing, these transfers are silently keeping you from building wealth at the other end.

Its time to take control.

How would you like to get you out of debt for life? And then, set up a program that will allow you to “self-finance” your future purchases. Let’s use a new approach for saving for college, for buying the next car, for having money to invest when opportunities come calling.

Seem too good to be true?

There are an amazing number of financial strategies that people hear little about, yet they are the most powerful. Oddly, many financial advisors are still under the belief that trying to get the highest rates of return on your investments will get you where you want to go. They preach to you to do the same thing they told you to do 10 years ago.

Let us get you in control of your money.

Here are my 10 goals for you and your money:

  1. Increase your money supply and wealth
  2. Get you more benefits for your money
  3. Reduce your lifetime tax costs
  4. Reduce your investment risks
  5. Minimize your Wealth Transfers
  6. Give you more liquidity, use, and control of your money
  7. Position you to have the highest retirement income potential
  8. Be the most efficient and effective with your money
  9. Help you create a Family Legacy
  10. No more out-of-pocket contribution than you are making right now

If this is what you want, give us a call or send me an email. An introductory review of your money situation is always FREE.


Gary Pevey, CLU ChFC