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October 2020: Big News!

October 08, 2020


Having helped hundreds retire comfortably and securely over the past 30 years, I took another step forward as an industry professional and to provide even more help to my clients.

I am very proud of this accomplishment. It took many months of study to achieve this, but what is most important to me, now that I've earned this designation, is how much more service I can provide.

Today, more than ever, we need to be smart and informed when it comes to retirement decisions. I've got a whole new world of information and knowledge at my disposal to guide my clients to plan their future.


The Retirement Income Certified Professional® (or RICP®) is a specialist. The designation was developed by 45+ of the most respected retirement income experts in the U.S. The RICP® can:

  • Identify and mitigate retirement risks
  • Minimize tax burden
  • Create sustainable retirement income
  • Help plan and achieve legacy goals

To help in the understanding of the RICP® designation, a typical financial advisor is trained to help clients accumulate wealth. Yes, I do that each and every week with my clients. However, beyond that, as an RICP® I am expertly trained to ensure the wealth a person has spent decades building will last through retirement, and maybe even beyond.

With over 41 years in the financial services business, I have helped hundreds of business owners and families with their financial planning needs. Beyond this new RICP® designation, I hold additional professional designations as a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC).

Every plan developed here at Wealth Design Group focuses on balancing the clients' wealth creation while minimizing risks, minimizing taxes, and maximizing benefits to allow individuals to achieve their optimum retirement income potential.

Our specialty is helping people with financial solutions and sophisticated resources to facilitate the complex corporate and personal financial decisions that must be made as they look at their long-term retirement and legacy goals. It's what we are here for, it's what drives us.


Gary Pevey, RICP, CLU, ChFC